A book titled The Legend of Buratai was unveiled and presented to students in Maiduguri today by the author,Dr. Abubakar MS.

The book is a fictional rendition of the early life,youthful and military exploits of Lt. General Tukur Yusuf Buratai. The book was presented to students of Mafoni Liberty Junior Secondary School, Maiduguri by the author. A book reading of the book was conducted by the author where he took time to expound and explain the book.

The principal of the school,Mallam Yusuf Tom was very happy to host the book presentation in his school. “I am happy with the choice of Mafoni Liberty Junior Secondary School for this book presentation. This will go a long way in encouraging and motivating our students as well as teachers. All of us consider General Buratai as a legend. I am of the opinion that his life is worth imititating as a role model for youngsters,” said the principal.

The author told the students that they don’t need to know somebody that knows somebody to make it in life if they can do what General Buratai did as a youth. “Buratai was a diligent student and his passion for excellence is exceptional. These virtues of diligence, loyalty,hard work and perseverance are virtues that today’s students need to have. There is no other way apart from this sure way,”said the author. “We are lucky to have someone from this state who you (students) can emulate. Please don’t disappoint us,” said Dr. Sani.

Speaking to media men at the event, the author said that he is proud of the Army Chief and he truly believes that the General will forever remain a legend. “There is something extraordinary about General Buratai. I’m of the opinion that he is truly a legend and like I told the students,his birth was foretold. I gathered that it was predicted that four hundred years after the demise of Yamtarawala,a person of exceptional endowment would emerge in Biu land. Buratai was born exactly 400 years after the demise of Yamtarawala so he is the person.”

The students promised to read the book and imbibe the lessons that it contain therein. There after the author and management of Sprezzatura Publishing who are the publishers of the book distributed free copies of the book to students in the school.

The school’s vice principal delivered vote of thanks. He conveyed the school appreciation to the author for selecting a public school instead of a private school for the book presentation. “Let me also say that I was in the same Teacher’s College with Buratai but he was a year ahead of me. I know him to be a very private and reserved student. He doesn’t talk much,hardly do you see him fighting with anybody; he is a very fearless person so am happy that today the author had used the life of my school mate to motivate my students. Good bless you,” said the vice principal.


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